Private health insurance

Adeslas GO


A economic medical insurance that grants you and your family access to the country’s largest medical network without health questionnaires, along with numerous other benefits.

Starting from €20 per month.

Adeslas Plena Vital


Health insurance provides peace of mind with comprehensive coverage and capped copayments. 

Starting at €37 per month with a yearly copay limit.

Adeslas Plena


Health insurance with comprehensive coverage and reduced copayments, tailored to give you full confidence.

Starting at €48 insured/month.

Adeslas Plena Plus


The insurance through which you access all the benefits of private healthcare without copayments. It’s the extra level of care your family needs.

Starting at €58 insured/month.

Adeslas Plena Extra 150 MIL


This health insurance combines medical coverage and expense reimbursement, both in Spain and worldwide, up to €150,000. It provides the extra level of care you need.

Starting at €79 insured/month.

Adeslas Senior

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The health insurance where age doesn’t matter. With the assistance you need to enjoy your best moments.

Starting at €62 insured/month.


Offer for more than 30 insured

Civil Guard Family

Civil Guard, spouses and children

Civil Servant Family


Insurance for relatives of Isfas, Muface and Mugeju

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