Private health insurance

Adeslas Basic

Economical health insurance starting at € 14.5 a month

Adeslas Plena Vital

Full health insurance with an affordable premium starting at € 35 a month and a yearly co-pay limit 

Adeslas Plena

Full coverage with low co-payments health insurance starting at € 45 a month 

Adeslas Plena Plus

Full health insurance with no co-payments, starting from € 55 a month for ages 0-44

Adeslas Plena Extra 150

Nationwide medical insurance with no co-payments, 80% reimbursement of medical expenses when abroad starting from € 79 a month for ages 0-44

Adeslas Senior

Full coverage with low co-payments, starting from € 60 a month, for ages 55 to 84


Offer for more than 30 insured

Civil Guard Family

Civil Guard, spouses and children

Civil Servant Family

Insurance for relatives of Isfas, Muface and Mugeju

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