Adeslas Pymes

Limited time offer € 45 a month

Adeslas Pymes gives you the greatest coverage

Offers different rates according to the number of policyholders

  • Medical insurance for companies with no co-payments starting from € 45 a month 
  • New deal, contracting health + dental for € 42.92 a month (for new insured sign-ups)
  • Price from the first insured, for ages 0-54
  • For groups of more than 5  pay € 42.92 a month for 12 months from 0-67 years for new insured
  • For 14 or more insured people, they would have no waiting period to access hospitalization or surgery, and of course, they would not have to wait to access high diagnostic tests (for new ailments)
  • If you have a large company you can insure more than 50 people without deficiencies and without medical questionnaire

How many people will you be insuring?

1-4 Insured

From 5-30 Insured

more than 30 insured

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