Adeslas Pymes

5 or more insured

Allows access to a fixed rate of € 45 a month without co-payments ages 0-67 , special offer now of € 42.92 a month during the first year including dental & health

Adeslas Pymes 5 or more insured covers

Here you can access all Adeslas coverage for companies such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, hospitalization, etc.

  • General medicine in clinics and at home; pediatrics; ATS (nursing)
  • Diagnostic tests (analytical radiographs, ultrasounds, cytologies, etc)
  • High diagnostic tests (magnetic resonances, endoscopes, genetic tests)
  • Hospitalization and surgical interventions. Non-cosmetic internal prostheses
  • Treatments: physiotherapy without limit, psychotherapy up to 20 sessions a year, oxygen therapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy…

Adeslas Pymes without co-payments

  • Flat rate for ages 0-67, standard price € 45 a month now at € 42.92 a month including dental
  • Contract the flat rate after 5 insured
  • No waiting periods after 13 insured
  • No medical questionnaire after 50 insured


Social benefits

Your employees will value obtaining full insurance through the company

Decide who pays

Decide between company payment, payroll payment, direct payment by the insured or half and half

The best Insurance

No waiting period after 13 insured and no medical questionnaire after 50

Adeslas Pymes 5 or more prices*?

ages 0-67

Standard price for insurance € 45 a month and € 49.50 a month with dental

€ 42.92 a month**

ages over 67

Standard price per insured € 121.40 a month and € 125.84 a month with dental

€ 109.05 a month**

*for new sign-ups **health and dental

Adeslas Pymes 5 or more no co-pay

ages 0-54

Standard price € 63.50 a month and € 68 a month with dental

€ 58.94 a month**

ages 55-59

Standard price € 91.63  a month and € 96.13  a month with dental

€ 83.32 a month**

ages 60-64

Standard price € 110.92  a month and € 115.42  a month with dental

€100.04 a month**

* Applicable prices for new hires in new policies, with monthly payment forms, discharge dates on the 1st of each month, and the policyholder and / or insured must not have canceled during the period of this promotion and / or two months before from the beginning of the same, an insurance of the same modality of Adeslas. ** Health and dental

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