Adeslas Co-Pay and coverage

With Adeslas Dental insurance, you´ll save on dental treatments

  • Budget friendly co-payments on dental treatments
  • Starting from € 10.5 a month per person
  • Savings between 30-50% on dental treatments
  • Free teeth cleanings
  • Free consultations, check ups and emergencies

What does Adeslas dental insurance cover?

Treatments included:  orthodontics, implants, bridges, periodontics, gum treatments, veneers, cosmetics, and dental hygiene. Adeslas Dental Insurance has some free treatments and others paid or with co-payment. This is usually paid at the dental clinic.

There are simpler treatments such as fillings and mouth cleanings to more complex treatments such as orthodontics and implants that require a higher level of care. This is why  we have financing available for treatments over € 250. This financing can be requested at your Adeslas dental clinic as well as the possibility of paying your dental treatment in installments.



  • Studies
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect gums
  • Ligaments
  • Alveolar bones and implants



Includes free teeth cleanings 





Includes different types of whitening with co-pay


  • Whitening at home 
  • Whitening at home plus clinic 


and Porcelain veneers with co-pay


You have all kinds of orthodontics at your disposal  such as: 
  • Metal, self-ligating, ceramic, sapphire, and invisible braces 
  • Aesthetic resin* with fixed rates


Your implants at a fixed cost: 


  • Zirconium crowns or lithium disilicate for € 319.5 per piece
  • Bone graft placement from € 400
  • Sinus lift  € 304 per piece



  • Removals
  • Cysts
  • Wisdom teeth 
  • And a long list of dental surgeries


A policy providing access to all types of dental specialization and treatments, through Adeslas’s dental clinics and affiliates, in which the insured pays part of the cost, where appropriate.

PlusDENTAL19ING co-pay (pdf)


Adeslas Dental Insurance Co-Pay 2019

How much does teeth whitening cost with Adeslas?

  • Teeth whitening  with LED or plasma lamp from € 224 
  • Laser whitening from € 344 
  • Internal whitening € 32 per tooth
  • Dental whitening at home (splints, kit, and visits included)  € 132
  • Combined home and clinic whitening  € 317
  • Porcelain veneers for € 195 per tooth
  • Zirconium or disilicate  € 210 per tooth

How much do root canals cost with Adeslas?

Root canal prices depend on the number of root canals, roots and tooth type

  •  Monoradicular tooth  € 71
  •  Pluriradicular tooth € 90
  •  Multiarticular   € 115
  •  Retreatment € 125 

How much does a filling cost with Adeslas?

  • Simple filling € 28.5
  • Reconstruction € 45
  • Coronal reconstruction with posts or bolts  € 70

How much does dental hygiene cost with Adeslas?

 Dental cleaning FREE

  • Curettage per visit € 35 (entire mouth which requires 4 visits € 140)
  • Periodontal Maintenance  € 30 per arch

¿How much do dental panoramic and dental TAC cost with Adeslas?

 Orthopantomograph (panoramic) FREE

  • TAC one arch € 80
  • TAC  two arches  € 105

How much do invisible braces cost with Adeslas?

        Adeslas offers invisible braces* at very affordable prices.

  • Invisible braces consultation FREE at Adeslas clinics and € 200 at affiliated clinics
  • Invisible braces Treatment (equivalent to one FULL arch) € 3337.50 at Adeslas clinics and € 3662.50 at affiliated clinics
  • Invisible braces treatment (Equivalent to FULL two arches) € 4275 at Adeslas clinics and € 4725 at affiliated clinics
  • LITE Invisible braces (one arch) € 2377.50 at Adeslas clinics and € 2622.50 at affiliated clinics
  • LITE Invisible braces (two archs) € 3315 at Adeslas clinics and € 3685 at affiliated clinics
  • Renewal for loss of aligner (unit) € 167 at Adeslas clinics and € 173 at affiliated clinics
  • Restart Treatment for Interruption (new study) € 380 at Adeslas clinics and € 432 at affiliated clinics
  • Correction during the Treatment (Study and Alignment) € 220 at Adeslas clinics and € 243 at affiliated clinics
  • Retention Phase with Invisible Retainers €160  at Adeslas clinics and 200 € at affiliated clinics 


*Only available at clinics with the required technology.

Adeslas Dental implant prices

Implant cost (surgical phase)

Implant placement

€ 515

Sinus lift

€ 304

Placement of biological materials

€ 205

Guided tissue regeneration with absorbent membrane

€ 217.5

Placement of lyophilized bone graft in block

€ 400

Placement of non-resorbable membranes

€ 406

Placement 6 mini-implants (upper arch)

€ 1,172

Placement 4 mini-implants (lower arch)

€ 972

Implant cost (prosthetic phase)

Porcelain-metal crown or bridge over implants*

€ 293 per tooth for metal Porcelain, and  € 350 for zirconium or lithium wreath.

*per tooth

293 – € 350

Provisional crown on implants*

 *per tooth

€ 75

Hybrid prostheses for dental implants**

**per arch

€ 1,950

Porcelain-metal crown or bridge over implants*

€ 293 per tooth for metal Porcelain, and  € 350 for zirconium or lithium wreath.

*per tooth

€ 998

Reinforcement cast mucous supported prosthesis

€ 133

Overdenture anchoring system

€ 167

Replacement of retention systems

€ 47

Prosthetic devices (per pillar)

Zirconium implant abutments € 195


Yearly implant maintenance

cleanings, prosthesis, and placement of plugs has no cost in Adeslas dental


Prosthesis yearly maintenance

Mesoported, hybrid (per arch)

€ 64

Adaptation of complete prosthesis to mini-implant*

***per unit


Removable prosthesis complete

fixed with mini implants (upper or lower)


Immediately loaded implants

Placement of an immediate loading implant

€ 65

Prosthetic devices*

*per pillar

€ 150

Zirconium prosthetic devices*

*per pillar

€ 200

Provisional crown on implants**

 **per tooth

€ 250

Adeslas Dental insurance prices* 2019

1 insured

€ 10.5 a month

2 insured

€ 15 a month

3 to 4 insured

€ 21 a month

5 to 6 insured

€ 25 a month


Is there a waiting period?                             

Adeslas dental has no waiting periods, all treatments are at your disposal immediately. 

How can I show that I’m insured at a clinic?                               

A card will be sent to you a few days after signing up.

If I already have Adeslas Dental, can I add someone else to my policy?                       

You can add up to 6 people to your dental policy.

How long do I have to stay with Adeslas dental insurance?
The contract is for 12 months.

What are the Adeslas Dental co-pay options?
Adeslas Dental has two types of co-payment options:

  1. Optimal co-pay, which will be applied at Adeslas dental clinics
  2. Dental co-pay, which will be applied at affiliated clinics

How do I make an appointment with Adeslas Dental?                                                        Appointments are made by phone or in person at the dental clinic where you want to go.

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