Adeslas Travel

Ages 0-89

In addition you can contract in the same policy between 0 and 10 insured

Spanish residents

For people who reside in Spain and take a trip round the world

Choose your premium

  • Basic: € 3,000
  • Full: € 6,000
  • Premium: € 20,000
  • Excellence: € 50,000

Fits your travel

Pay only for days traveled, valid for 1 day or up to 6 months

Adjustable premiums

Pay according to your trip, whether it’s a trip in Spain, Europe or abroad, or a ski trip etc

Instantly available

Fast and simple procedures. Once the documentation is contracted, it is automatically sent in PDF by email.

Adeslas Travel covers

Travel Insurance for people

  • Pharmaceutical or hospitalization medical expenses
  • Emergency dental expenses
  • Accompanying expenses for hospitalization
  • Return expenses for companions
  • Return of minors
  • Repatriation in case of death
  • Return of companions in case of death
  • Consultation or remote medical advice
  • Medical transfer or medical repatriation
  • Deploying a specialist or medical doctor abroad 

Travel insurance for suitcases

  • Search of luggage and personal items in case of loss
  • Return of forgotten objects during the trip
  • Compensation for loss or theft of checked baggage in public transport
  • Delayed delivery of checked baggage in public transport
  • Loss or theft of personal documents abroad
  • Loss of hotel keys or house keys

Delays and cancellations

  • Trip delays
  • Travel delays due to overbooking
  • Loss of connection flights
  • Trip cancellations

And much more

  • Reimbursement of travel interruption expenses initiated abroad
  • Family help
  • Bail and procedural expenses
  • Traveler information service
  • Assistance information service

Optional coverage

Travel cancellation prevention for generic airline trips:

  • € 300
  • € 600
  • € 1500

Ski trips

  • Cost of crutches in case of accident while skiing
  • Rescue costs on tracks up to € 2000
  • Ski pass and ski equipment up to € 300
  • The advance of ambulance expenses up to € 600

Adeslas Travel doesn't cover

Some exceptions that you should know which apply to most travel insurances

  • Diseases or illnesses prior to travel
  • General medical check-ups
  • Trips with the purpose of receiving medical treatment
  • Medical expenses of less than € 30 in Spain, € 10 in Europe or € 45 in the rest of the world
  • Baggage or personal effects not checked-in
  • The practice of any federated sport or any sport at a professional level
  • Trips whose duration exceeds 6 months
  • Cost of services or intervention of any official emergency relief organization
  • Rescue of people in mountains, seas, deserts or jungles
  • Trips already started prior to getting insured

Some prices for Adeslas Travel

8 day trips to Spain

  • Destination Spain 8 days, flight on plane 1 insured with basic medical assistance of € 3000 without travel cancellation
  • Premium coverage: € 9.88

3 week trips to USA

  • Travel to the USA by plane for 21 days for a child in excellence mode with medical expenses of € 50,000 with up to € 600 for cancellation of travel.
  • Total premium € 135.97 

48 day trips to Europe

  • Coverage of € 20,000 and travel cancellation coverage of € 600
  • Total premium € 121.80

15 day trips to Europe

  • Travels in Europe for 2 adults and 1 child with full modality of € 6000 in medical expenses without travel cancellation coverage
  • Total premium: € 100.71


Who can apply for this insurance?

For people with a residence permit or Spanish DNI, not for people with residence or permanent residence outside of Spain.

Which trips are covered with Adeslas Travel ?

Trips abroad, which are any displacement and consequent stay outside the place that corresponds to their home or permanent residence. This is means that the trip has to be from your Spanish residence to Spain or abroad

I want to cover my parents who live outside of Spain for their trip to Spain

The company does not cover foreign travel to Spain for non-residents in Spain. You should look for a company of international scope, or in the travelers country of residence.

How long can I be covered for in a trip?

From 1 day to 6 months.

Does the travel insurance cover if I pass through several countries?

Yes, Adeslas Travel covers you all over Europe, or all over the world if any of the countries where you travel are outside Europe.

What are the requirements to sign-up?

Personal information of the policyholder and the insured, date of birth, address, and bank account. The payment is made in a bank account approximately two days after contracting, and on the same day of the contract, the particular conditions of the policy and the travel certificate  in English or Spanish are sent to be able to present the documents quickly.

Can I get the travel assistance certificate in English?

Yes, the company can issue a certificate in English or Spanish.

If I have Adeslas medical insurance, with a € 12,000 capital in travel assistance, does it overlap with the travel insurance capital?

No, in the event of a loss, travel insurance does not add capital, so that in the event of a loss, the guarantee of € 12,000 of capital associated with Adeslas health can be used, or if we want to cover more capital (€ 20,000 or € 50,000), we must have taken out a separate travel insurance. We must be clear, the capitals of several travel policies never overlap.

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