"Adeslas means more"

All Adeslas guarantees in addition to the coverage

  • Travel assistance for trips of up to 3 months with a medical capital of up to € 12,000
  • Non-conventional sessions of alternative medicine such as osteopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncture, for € 30 a session
  • After the 21st session, psychological treatment for € 25 a session
  • Second medical opinion, for rare diseases, even if the doctor is not in Adeslas medical chart, or even in Spain
  • Access to any questions about medicines, tests, specialists, etc., 
  • Medical advice in Adeslas, either by phone or via Adeslas website
  • If the policyholder remains unemployed, by dismissal or ERE, «Adeslas means more» has a prepared payment protection

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"Adeslas means more" services

Assisted human reproduction


Refractive surgery


Travel assistance


Pregnancy orientation

Medical orientation

Payment protection


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