Adeslas Plena Vital

starting at € 35 a month + co-pays

 2 months FREE* + 1 month FREE* with dental

  • 7% discount on the first year
  • Maximum annual limit of € 300 in co-payments. When exceeded, no more co-payments are charged to that individual
  • No co-payments during hospitalization process
  • Full coverage at the best price
  • Ages 0-70 
  • For every 3 insured in a policy under 60, you are allowed an over 70 insured
  • Available in every province with the exception of Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country and Navarre.

* Valid for new policies and new insured for registrations between April 1st and July 31st 2019 with registration date of the 1st day of the month

Adeslas Plena Vital Coverage

General medicine, specialists, tests

  • All primary care, with doctor at clinic or at home
  • Direct access to specialists and diagnostic tests (TACS, resonances, endoscopes …)


  • Unlimited physiotherapy and rehabilitation 
  • Up to 20 psychotherapy sessions a year
  • Teeth cleaning

Emergencies and hospitalization

  • Unlimited hospitalization in a single room
  • Surgical interventions
  • Intervention tests
  • Ambulances

Adeslas Plena Vital rates 2019

ages 0-44

€ 35 a month

ages 45-54

€ 40 a month

ages 55-59

€ 70 a month

ages 60-64

€ 85 a month

ages 65 and over

€ 125 a month

2 FREE months as a gift !!!!!

Plus receive an additional month free after renewal by contracting additional Adeslas Dental.


Who is it recommended for?

 For people who want to be insured with the highest coverage, at the most adjusted cost, knowing that if at any time they have to use their insurance, with the top annual limit of € 300 in co-payments, no more co-pays will be charged.

What co-payments are charged during hospitalization?
 During hospitalization no co-payments are charged.

What’s the difference between Plena Vital and Plena Plus?
 Adeslas Plena Vital is practically the same, with the exception of having lower co-payment premiums.

What is the contract length of Plena Vital?
 As every Adeslas policy, the contract lasts 12 months and is renewed yearly. So, if a policy is contracted on October 10th, it is renewed on October 10th of the following year.

When and how are co-payments paid in Adeslas Plena Vital?
 The co-payments are always charged to your bank account, they are charged after your visit to the doctor.

How can I verify that Adeslas Plena Vital co-payments match the medical service I have used?
 The company sends an invoice to the client with the cost of co-payments, however, the insured can always look at the co-payments by registering on the web, or by calling 919 19 1898.

In which provinces can Adeslas life insurance be used?
It’s available in all the provinces of Spain with the exception of Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre and Basque Country. 

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