Adeslas Freelance Legal Assistance

Legal protection for individuals (self-employed) starting from € 125 a year for basic coverage.

Adeslas Freelance Legal Assistance features

Adelslas Freelance Legal Assistance Basic coverage


Criminal defense


Legal telephone assistance


Rights to public administration


Breach of service contract claims


Breach of supply contracts claims


Damage claims

Adeslas Freelance Legal Assistance Full coverage

Defense before work inspection

In proceedings initiated by labor inspection or by Social Security for infringement of legal norms by the activity developed related to employment, work, social security, and occupational health and safety conditions. Via Judicial: when the amount of the litigation is more than €600 or the alleged infraction contemplates the cessation of business or closure of premises.

Defense attorney

In taxes directly related to the activity of the self-employed, in tax assessment proceedings, or sanctions initiated by the tax administration as a result of the self-assessment made by the insured, provided that there is a difference of more than € 1000 between the declared and liquidated installments, or that a penalty of more than € 1000 is proposed for the administrative route, preparing resources, allegations, disclaimers, and proposition of evidence.

Defense before work inspection

In front of the company for which renders its services in a habitual and predominant manner for those labor disputes in which the social jurisdiction is competent. In front of the INSS or social security mutuas in a claim for contributory social benefits.

Social benefit claims

The claim of rights derived from disability pension, temporary disability, widowhood and retirement when they have been totally or partially denied.

Identity theft

The claim of the rights and interests of the insured against identifiable responsible third parties, whenever an economically evaluable effective damage is caused and which are related to the commercial activity: Identity theft of the insured Computer scams carried out through the internet, in which, with a profit motive and through computer manipulation a transfer of non-consensual assets is achieved

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