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Insurance for dogs and cats with civil liability

  • Civil liability for pets of € 200,000, which is suited for potentially dangerous dogs such as pit bulls, american stanfords, akitas, bull dogs, rottweilers etc 
  • Other breeds of dogs can be insured even if they are not considered PPP
  • Insurance with no co-pay so that your pet will be covered from the first euro, in case your pet bites another pet, person, etc
  • Yearly fixed rate of €65 no matter the breed
  • Direct loss management with an agent. You will have a direct agent available via email, whatsapp and telephone to manage your pet loss without spending money calling a 902 number
  • Easily and quickly, we send you the documentation by email at the time of the contract, and receive it in a few days at home
  • Insurance valid for obtaining potentially dangerous dog license

Some ideas and tips for you

  • The insurance for the potentially dangerous dogs must have a capital of civil responsibility equal or superior to the capital that they ask for in your town hall, which is usually between € 120,000 and € 175,000
  • Insurance for dangerous breeds is always contracted postdated to the following day, so if you have an incident the day of the sign-up it would not be covered
  • The insurance covers the pet provided it is worn with a leash and muzzle, and it’s accompanied by the policyholder, or a member of the family unit (relatives, spouses, children, etc. who live permanently at the same address)
  • In addition to wearing muzzles and leashes, any company can demand that the dog also have his rabies vaccination in order, as well as that the responsible person who walks it has a license to take it to the street
  • A mongrel dog with dangerous breed characteristics is considered generally risky, and possibly requires insurance


  • Most household companies do not cover the liability of dangerous breeds among their coverage, but also some impose a limit of 20-25 kilos independent of the breed. This insurance is also valid for such cases of strong, heavy dogs etc


  • Liability insurance for dogs of dangerous breeds can be with or without a co-pay. Insurance without co-pay that is slightly more expensive, will cover from the first euro of claim, while co-pay insurance, let’s say € 150 , is slightly cheaper because if your dog bites another, you will pay the first € 150  and the rest will be paid by the company
  • Obtaining civil liability insurance and a suitable psychometric test is the prior step to obtaining a license for your pet. Usually, you will be asked for the receipt which takes 1-2 working days to reach the bank and the particular conditions that are sent at the time of contracting

Adeslas Pet full coverage

  • Adeslas veterinary for dogs and cats
  • Consultations, reviews and free emergencies in the agreed veterinary chart
  • Fixed and economical co-payments for tests, treatments, hospitalization etc
  • Co-pay for digestive surgery, urological surgery, castration, vasectomy, mastectomy, as well as performing oral cleanings, cardiological tests, optic and ear surgery, and a wide variety of trauma surgery interventions
  • Civil liability of € 180,000 without a deductible
  • Theft insurance. Up to € 800 according to the invoice amount or € 200 in the case of a mixed-breed pet
  • Death insurance by accident or due to illness (only in the latter case with 6 months grace period)
  • Annual single independent premium of breed or age (contracting from 3 months to 9 years).

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