Adeslas Legal Assistance for companies

Adeslas Legal Assistance for companies features

Adeslas Legal Assistance for companies Basic

Criminal defense

Negligence regarding to commercial or industrial activity indicated by specific conditions. As a pedestrian or passenger of any means of land transport used to carry out the activity.

Telephone Legal assistance

On legal issues that arise in the field of possible conflicts object of the insurance.

Representation before public administrations

Infractions to regulations on 

  • Openings
  • Schedules
  • Hygiene
  • Noise related to the premises
  • Administrative procedures
  • Administrative litigation

Breach of service contract claims

Arranged by the company or business in the development of the business activity, in:

  • Qualified professional services
  • Repair and maintenance services of movable property
  • Travel and hotel services
  • Private security and surveillance services
  • Cleaning services
  • Moving services
  • Transportation and courier services
  • Computer Services

Breach of supply contract claims

Water, gas electricity and telephones arranged for the development of the activity of the company provided that the amount of the invoice claimed is:

  • offices: € 300
  • Shops: € 600
  • Industry and workshops: € 1200

Damage claims

 Claims to an identified third party responsible for fraud or recklessness in the exercise of commercial or industrial activity in:

  • Material damage to the premises
  • Bodily harm to your person
  • Material damages to movable property and those of commercial activity
  • Property damage
  • Damages caused by theft of movable property or cash in the premises, including infidelity of employees

Adeslas Legal Assistance for companies covers

Defense before work inspection

In proceedings initiated by labor inspection or by Social Security for infringement of legal norms by virtue of the activity developed relative to employment, work, Social Security, and Occupational Health and Safety conditions.

Administrative route.

Via Judicial: when the amount of the litigation is not less than 600 € or the alleged infraction contemplates the cessation of business or closure of premises.

Financial defense

In taxes directly related to the activity of the company, in tax assessment proceedings, or sanctions that the tax administration initiates as a result of the self-assessment made by the insured, whenever there is a difference of more than € 1000 between the declared and liquidated installments, or that a penalty of more than € 1000 is proposed

Administrative Way preparing resources, allegations, disclaimers and proposition of proof

Labor contract defense

Defense of the interests of the company insured as a defendant, in relation to a labor dispute, of individual character, promoted by one of the salaried employees, which must be substantiated before the Conciliation and Social Jurisdiction Organisms.

Litigation with INSS, Montepíos and Mutuals of work accidents.

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