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Medical questionnaires

The insured will have to answer a medical questionnaire if it's a full coverage policy and includes hospitalization on the other hand you will not have to answer it if you contract a basic policy that does not have a hospitalization. Medical questionnaire will include question related to weight, height, and age, as well as, details about operations that the patient have had, hospitalizations, treatments, follow-ups, etc.

Pre existing medical conditions

In the case of preexisting conditions the company will evaluate whether or not to insure the individual or in some cases just exclude the preexisting medical condition fro the policy.

How does Adeslas health insurance work?

 Once the process is completed, the insured receives an Adeslas card, and requests a visit directly to any specialist in the medical staff, without having to go to a general practitioner beforehand. The card is presented and you will have access to needed doctors, emergencies, general medicine, ATS, pediatrician, etc from the first day you are insured

Medical Authorizations

If the specialist needs to perform diagnostic tests, some will perform them without the need of being authorized by Adeslas, such as normal ultrasound scans, radiographs, and most analytical tests.  Some high diagnostic tests (resonances, TACS, colonoscopies ...) as well as surgical interventions and hospitalization, require medical authorization by the company and must be requested by phone 919 19 1898, in the Adeslas office, or on the Adeslas website, as a client.

Waiting periods

Newly insured clients will be allowed to access any doctor, specialist, emergencies, treatments from the first day.  There are some periods of deficiency, which will limit certain tests of high diagnosis and hospitalization and surgical interventions, between 3 and 10 months depending on the circumstances.

When is the insurance renewed?

Generally, private policies whose registrations were requested with a date before 01/09/2016 renew every 31/12 / of each year; Generally, private policies whose registrations were requested after 01/09/2016 or that same day, expire 12 months after contracting (except for collective policies and certain exceptions)  The insurance is renewed automatically unless it is indicated by the company or the insured  not to renew it, always if possible by writing to the office, or through the channels that the company designates. The way to know the renewal date is consulted in the particular conditions of the insured, that arrive in a welcome pack as the policy is issued for the first time.

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