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Legal protection

Private and family life

Adeslas Legal Assistance features

  • 2 types of insurance policies: basic and full coverage
  • In initial contract, possibility of contracting between 6 months and 1 year
  • Up to € 6000 per claim with the company or up to € 3000 in expenses if you want to use a different lawyer
  • Available from the moment you sign-up except when the coverage indicates deficiencies
  • Coverage for spouses, ancestors who live with the policyholder, underage children or single adults with no income living at the policyholder’s home
  • Cases in Spanish territory and Spanish courts
  • 3 payment options: bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly 
  • 10% discount year after year

Defense attorney

 In Proceedings of Tax Settlements or Sanities that the Tax Administration initiates:

  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF)
  • Wealth Tax (IP)
  • Inheritance and donations tax (ISD)
  • Tax on patrimonial transfers and legal documents (ITP)
  • Tax on real estate (IBI)
  • Tax on the value of the Land of Urban Nature (Municipal Goodwill)

Over the phone legal assistance and document management

  • Review of documentation related to legal consultations carried out, if the lawyer deems it necessary
  • Sending submitted documentation, with modifications or legal considerations which the lawyer considers appropriate for the rights of the insured in a friendly claim

Service contratcs

Claims for breach of contract of owners and final recipients, as consumers or users, which affects their private or family life in the following cases:

  • Professional services
  • Medical and hospital services
  • Travel and tourism services
  • School 
  • Transportation services
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Moving services
  • Official technical repair
  • Maintenance of appliances authorized by the manufacturer

Damage claims

  • Claims for non-contractual damages (extrajudicial or judicial)
  • Corporal or material: injury or property damage
  • Damages as a pedestrian: as a result of a traffic accident, or as a motor vehicle driver without a motor, as an occupant of a motor vehicle, or as a captain private boat, as a passenger of any means of land transport, non-professional practitioner of any sport not related to motor

Extra judicial claims* for unpaid invoices (1 month grace period)

Friendly claims for invoices issued to the customer, accrued in the particular area of the policy, from which the insured is a creditor that has been unpaid during the contract with the following extensions and requirements:

  • Invoice based on sale or provision of activity service or declared commercial traffic
  • Invoice with an amount greater than € 600 or less than € 6000
  • Client has not been declared insolvent or has an open bankruptcy procedure, and it is the first unpaid invoice left by the client
  • Invoice meets the mercantile, fiscal and legal requirements for its claim
  • Non-payment is documented with its corresponding return of the effect  
  • Underlying merchant operation has documents and evidence support 
  • Expired and not drafted

* Maximum limit: claims of 12 invoices per year

Adeslas Legal Assistance specific coverage

Provision* for separation or divorce

  • Final judgment or final decision in civil proceedings
  • Final matrimonial separation is decreed the divorce of the policyholder and their spouse 
  • Reimbursement of minutes (prior justification) of up to € 1200, half for each spouse
  • It will be paid only once for the validity of the policy

Defense in work matters

Claim of labor rights of the insured in individual work conflicts, against the private entrepreneur or public bodies for those who provide their services for breach of contractual rules that must be substantiated before Labor Conciliation or Social Jurisdiction.

  • Defense of criminal CR for recklessness, incompetence or negligence in proceedings against the insured in their work as an employee
  • Claims against a responsible and identifiable third party of bodily harm caused to the insured due to recklessness or fraud in the performance of the insured’s work
  • Claims for social benefits in litigation related to INSS, Montepíos, and Social Security Mutual Societies
  • Claims in Litigation with INSS of the rights derived from retirement pension, widowhood or disability (requires administrative resolution denial of social benefit or restrictive of the rights of the insured)

Defense related to domestic services

Claims of your household employees provided they are registered in the corresponding Social Security scheme

Claims against tenants

  • Eviction or recovery of leased property. By legal or contractual expiration of the lease contract without the lessee returning possession to the insured landlord
  • Claim of rent or amounts owed by the tenant due to non-payment

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Adeslas Legal Assistance prices

Yearly payment

  • Basic € 80 
  • Full € 124.99

Bi-yearly payment

  • Basic € 40.81
  • Full € 63.74

Quarterly payment

  • Basic € 20.9
  • Full € 32.65

Monthly payment

  • Basic € 7.07 
  • Full € 11.03

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