• Medical assistance abroad.
  • General medicine, emergencies, and hospitalization.
  • Coverage for childbirth and pregnancy
  • Reimbursement of expenses up to €150,000
  • Valid throughout Spain (except Asturias, Navarra and Basque country)
  • From €79 insurance/month.

*If invoice is in a language other than Spanish, it needs to be translated

Adeslas PLENA EXTRA 150 MIL covers

This health insurance that combines a medical network and reimbursement of expenses, both in Spain and worldwide, up to €150,000.


Healthcare Services

  • Primary care: General medicine, pediatrics, and nursing service.
  • Emergency care.
  • Hospitalization.

Specialized Treatments and Advanced Diagnosis

  • Medical-surgical specialties.
  • Preventive medicine.
  • Advanced diagnostic methods including fusion-guided ultrasound prostate biopsy.
  • Surgical implants and prostheses, such as fixation bands for stress incontinence.
  • Special treatments and organ, tissue, and human cell transplants.
  • Clinical psychology.
  • Childbirth preparation.
  • Robotic surgery for prostate and kidney cancer, with a deductible of €6,000 for eligible cases.
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Additional Services and Assistance

  • Podiatry.
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD), including placement cost and device.
  • Fetal DNA testing in maternal blood.
  • Travel assistance, with a limit of €12,000 per insurance year.
  • Logopedics.

Adeslas Plena Extra 150 warranties

Adeslas Plena Extra 150 also includes free or co-paid additional services.

  • Travelers’ insurance with a capital of up to € 12,000 as long as the trip is less than 3 months
  • Cryopreservation in affiliated centers with savings in co-payments due to being insured by Adeslas
  • Great savings in assisted reproduction at affiliated centers 
  • Osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture with a co-payment of € 25 a session in affiliated centers
  • Refractive surgery with savings on the final price simply for being insured with Adeslas
  • Adeslas medical guidance includes all available information, follow-ups, as well as medical advice
  • Pregnancy care such as symptoms, medicines, tests and all pregnancy follow-ups
  • Protection of payments for monthly policies before dismissals or ERE
  • Up to 20 free annual psychotherapy sessions in Adeslas clinics, after that € 25 co-payment per session

We want your travel to be worry free

You can travel anywhere around the world and visit a doctor as many times as you need to, knowing that the company will reimburse 80% of your invoices, with a limit of € 150,000 per year.


Travel Insurance

Free with your Adeslas insurance.


Wide range of doctors

Choose your specialist, access diagnostic tests, hospitals and emergency services worldwide


Request your refund

Once requested, Adeslas will refund 80% of your invoices.


Refund by bank transfer

You will receive your refund in your bank account within approximately 15 days of your request.

* Prices to be determined based on the insured's age.


For individuals with high income traveling outside of Spain who want to be able to go to a specialist or have tests or treatments done.  Adeslas will reimburse 80% of the invoices*.
It is also for individuals who need to have access to private medical specialists who are not affiliated with any companies. Adeslas will reimburse 80% of the invoice.

Certainly, acceptable identification includes DNI, NIE or a foreign passport.

Yes, for individual policies the age limit is 70, although if you have 3 individuals under 60 in the same policy, one person over 70 may be added to that policy.

If you want to see a doctor not affiliated with Adeslas, simply pay the invoice and Adeslas will reimburse 80% of it. 

Simply register online and send Adeslas your invoice. It will be refunded within 15 days. You can also do this procedure at Adeslas offices although the waiting period may vary.

Because the maximum reimbursement limit per year is € 150,000 

 To sign-up you need to be under 70, have a Spanish bank account and proper ID.

*If the invoice is not in Spanish then it must be translated

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