Adeslas Basic*

  • General medicine, diagnostic tests, treatments, and specialists
  • No medical questionnaire required
  • Individual policy for ages 0-70
  • Insure an individual over 70 if you have 3 individuals under 60 on the same policy
  • Great discounts for families with 3 or more insured

        *Available in all provinces except Navarre, Basque Country, Asturias                  and Cantabria

Adeslas Basic new sign-up deals

  • 3 months FREE* in health & dental  

                   *2 months are reimbursed the first year and the 3rd month in the second year.

  • 7% discount* on the first year

                   * Offer for new Adeslas customers who sign-up with a date of registration 1st of the                                                                         

                     month between April 1st and July 31st (effective dates day 1st of the desired month         

                     within the promotion period)

Adeslas Basic major advantages

Flat rates for ages 0-54

  • €14.50 a month per insured

3 to 6 insured flat rate ages 0-54

  • €36 a month for 3 to 6 insured under  the same policy

Contracts for ages 0-70

  • Although the contracting age limit is 70, you can include one person over 70 if there are 3 people under 60 on the same policy
  • 3 to 6 insured aged 55-70  would ultimately pay € 82 a month

Adeslas Basic

Prices for the whole family

1 insured aged 0-54

No co-payments once the limit of € 260 per insured has been exceeded

€ 14.5 a month

2 insured aged 0-54

No co-payments once the limit of € 260 per insured has been exceeded

€ 25 a month

3-6 Insured aged 0-54

No co-payments once the limit of € 260 per insured has been exceeded

€ 36 a month

Adeslas Basic prices for ages 55-70

1 insured aged 55-70

€ 33 a month

2 insured aged 55-70

€ 57 a month

3-6 Insured aged 55-70

€ 82 a month

Adeslas Basic covers

Luckily with Adeslas, you are not required to visit a doctor prior to accessing specialists such as  gynecologists, dermatologists, traumatologists, cardiologists, oncologists etc. 

This does not include psychotherapy and rehabilitation. 

  • General medicine at home and in clinic
  • Specialists: oncologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, urologists, and many more specialists at your fingertips
  • Diagnostic tests: x-rays, ultrasounds, analytics, etc
  • High diagnostic tests: magnetic resonance NMR, TACS, Doppler ultrasounds, endoscopes etc
  • Treatments: psychotherapy up to 20 sessions a year, physiotherapy and rehabilitation with as many sessions as the orthopedic surgeon considers, yearly teeth cleaning, 10 podiatry sessions a year, etc
  • Preparation for child birth and monitoring of pregnancy  € 24 a session


What’s the discount for each insured in Adeslas Basic family?

For every 2 Insured with Adeslas Basic Family you get a 13.8% discount on the unit price regardless of age.

For every 3 Insured you get a 17.2% discount per unit price.

In the case of 4 people you get a 37.9% discount on the unit price.

For 5 people you get a 50.30% discount on unit price.

For 6 insured get a discount of 58.60% on unit price.

Can several policyholders of 0-70 years be insured in the same policy?

Yes several individuals can be insured in Adeslas Basic, so that the proportional discount can be applied according to the number of insured people.

What if I want to insure a person over 70?

A person over 70 can be insured, as long as you have 3 insured individuals under 60 in the policy.

What is the annual co-pay limit per year?

For insured people aged 0-54, there is a yearly limit* of € 260 per person. When that amount is exceeded, that individual does not have to make any more co-payments.

*Does not apply for people over 54

Can I include Adeslas Dental for 6 insured?

Yes, Adeslas Dental can be included with a discount of 15% on the dental premium. Apart from this discount, you can include Adeslas Dental for only € 8.93 a month per insured, or € 21.25 a month for 6 insured.

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