Adeslas GO represents the latest outpatient assistance insurance, designed to proactively mitigate illnesses and discomforts.

It features an annual medical examination customized to the age and gender of each policyholder.

  • With copayments capped at an annual maximum per insured person (LMA).
  • Additionally, it offers three complimentary copayments per year to each policyholder, along with bonuses starting from the initial renewal.
  • Valid throughout Spain (except Asturias, Navarra and Basque country)

Adeslas GO new sign-up deals

3 months FREE* in health & dental

*2 months are reimbursed the first year and the 3rd month in the second year.

First year celebration template. Golden number one with red ribbon on white background vector illustration

7% discount* on the first year

  * Offer for new Adeslas customers who sign-up with a date of registration 1st of the  month between April 1st and July 31st (effective dates day 1st of the desired month  within the promotion period)

Adeslas GO major advantages


Offering an extensive network of professionals and medical centers provides comprehensive coverage and access to a variety of specialists.


Includes an annual medical check-up. (With a copayment of €50)


Eliminating prior health questionnaires simplifies and expedites the insurance acquisition process, which can be very convenient for many individuals.


Including childbirth preparation for pregnant women is a valuable feature as it provides support and resources during this important time in their lives.

Adeslas GO - Prices 2024

Adeslas GO covers

With Adeslas GO, you will receive personalized care across a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Primary care: general medical care, pediatrics, and nursing services.
  • Medical specialties.
  • Diagnostic procedures, including advanced technology.
  • Prenatal preparation.
  • Podiatry.
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD), covering the cost of placement and the device itself.
  • Fetal DNA testing in maternal blood.
  • Annual medical check-up (with a €50 copayment).
  • Speech therapy.

*This medical insurance does not include hospitalization.


First 3 copayments free per year for amounts equal to or less than €16.

25% discount on copayments from the second year onwards.

Annual maximum limit per insured under 55 years old of €260.

10% discount starting from the 2nd insured person.

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