Adeslas Collective

  • Medical insurance for enterprises or associations with more than 30 insured in the same policy
  • Without deficiency after 14 insured  
  • Without medical questionnaire after 50 insured
  • Full medical coverage 
  • No co-payments with the possibility to save up to € 500 per insured
  • Adjustable prices and the best offer always

Adeslas Collective covers

  • Coverage and medical assistance at the clinics and centers affiliated with Adeslas medical team
  • General medicine at home and at clinic such as pediatrics, ATS
  • Specialists: gynecology, traumatology, urology, internal medicine, neurology, surgery ..
  • Diagnostic and high diagnostic tests: analytical, radiography, magnetic resonances, genetic tests, TACS, scans …
  • Treatments: psychotherapy*, physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Preventive medicine: prevention of myocardial infarction, prevention of cancer of the uterus and breast, prevention of prostate cancer, etc.
  • Hospitalization in a single room and a bed for a companion
  • Surgical interventions 
  • Internal prostheses
  • Travel insurance**

*Up to 20 sessions a year

**For trips up to 3 months with a limit of € 12,000

Social benefits for companies

Adeslas Collectives offers the broadest coverage of private healthcare with low premiums. You can choose between the company or the insured making the payment.

First option

Insured pays

Each individual requests registration without cost to the company or association, paying the bills from their personal bank account and may include family members on their account, with significant savings on prices for belonging to an association or company.

Second option

Company pays

The company or association pays the insurance from their bank account, obtaining a much more competitive price, and subsequently charges what it desires to the insured, through its payroll.

Custom quotes

We make an adjusted budget for each situation, recommending the best solution in each case.

Process of registration

We prepare the insurance

so that it is available from the first day.

Employee satisfaction

It improves employee satisfaction by offering the great social benefit of taking care of their health, while the time used to directly access specialists decreases downtime at work.

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