Adeslas Civil Servant Family

Insurance for relatives of Isfas, Muface and Mugeju in Adeslas

  • Offers the best Adeslas coverage for spouses and children of officials, who are currently employed and therefore can not belong to the Adeslas Muface, Isfas or Mugeju system.

Adeslas Civil Servant Family offers

No co-payments

Full coverage insurance without additional expenses to the premium.

But if you want a slightly cheaper premium, you can switch to a version of the insurance with co-payments


  • Competitive premiums for ages 0-44 
  • Availability to contract new insured aged 5 – 19 for just     € 27.73 a month

Full coverage

  • Hospitalization and emergencies
  • High diagnostic tests 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Psychotherapy treatments

Wide selection of medical staff

  • Access to Adeslas’s largest medical staff available

Adeslas Civil Servant Family offers

  • General medicine in clinic and at home, ATS, pediatrics
  • Gynecologists 
  • Oncologists
  • Traumatologists 
  • Neurologists 
  • Internal medicine 
  • Diagnostic tests  
  • Ultrasound
  • X-rays
  • Analytical  
  • Resonances 
  • Endoscopies 
  • Genetic tests 
  • Surgical hospitalization
  • Surgical interventions 
  • Non-aesthetic internal prostheses
  • Psychotherapy up to 20 sessions a year
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Podiatry
  • Teeth cleanings 
  • Prevention of myocardial infarction
  • Prevention of breast, uterus and prostate cancer

Adeslas Civil Servant Family guarantees

  • Guarantee of assistance when traveling abroad with up to € 12,000 of coverage
  • Assisted reproduction in subsidized centers with discount in each session 
  • Saving on refractive surgery in the best centers 
  • Acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathy in centers with a co-payment of € 25 a session
  • Psychotherapy: up to 20 sessions are covered by the company, after which sessions have a co-payment of       € 25 a session in affiliated centers
  • Orientation to pregnant women
  • Medical guidance via phone or web
  • Alternative medical opinion for associated diseases

Adelas Civil Servant Family prices 2019

ages 0-4 no co-pay

a month

€ 41

ages 5-19 no co-pay

a month

€ 28.59

ages 20-44 no co-pay

a month

€ 49.52

ages 45-54 no co-pay

a month

€ 64.95

ages 55-64 no co-pay

a month

€ 100.79


How long is the contract valid?

 The contract is valid for 12 months, and renews every last day of December of each year.

Does it have free or discounted months?

This insurance does not have any free months or additional discounts. There may be limited time offers in Adeslas plus that may be more attractive depending on the conditions.

What if I come from Muface or Mugeju?

No benefits are lost for coming  from another company if the change is made from one month to another (continuity) from one policy to another. Furthermore, if the insured person comes from Adeslas Muface, Isfas or Mugeju, he can request not to lose seniority if he has left his official insurance for more than two months.

Is a medical questionnaire required?

In most cases, the insurance has an associated medical questionnaire which can only be waived when it has been less than 2 months since leaving  Isfas, Muface and Mugeju, in which case you will not have to answer any questionnaires.

Who can be insured in this policy?

 Spouses and children of civil servants, and civil servants themselves who have left the Isfas or Muface system or even the ones who work for the state but due to contracting circumstances can not access Isfas, Muface or Mugeju.

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