Adeslas Prima Unica

For ages 66-99 no medical questionaire required

Adeslas Prima Unica attributes


Easy to sign-up

It allows a policyholder to contract the insurance and not be insured, so that the insured can stay at home if you do not need it.

Burials in Spain

Includes burials anywhere in Spain

Insurance for risk takers

You can sign-up for this insurance regardless of your lifestyle even if you practice risky sports, hobbies or for any kind of profession.

Cremation included

It allows you to choose between burial or cremation.

One payment only

Do not pay more than you have planned. With this insurance you will make a one lifetime payment and never again.

Adeslas Prima Unica covers

Also Covered

Why should I choose Adeslas Prima Unica?

No questionnaires

Meant for elderly people that due to medical conditions, wouldn't be able to pass the questionnaire required by companies.

No waiting period

There are no waiting periods so your insurance is available as soon as you sign-up.

Adjusted premiums

Premiums are adjusted to the individual's age and location.


 This single premium insurance provides a peace of mind since the expenses and procedures associated with the death of a person are covered.

It provides support to the family members since the company simplifies the bureaucratic procedures that the family members have to undergo before a death.

A single premium insurance policy provides security since the insured knows that the company has everything covered.

Finally,it provides security at a time of loss.

The primary coverage of the funeral service includes ark (or funeral urn if there is cremation), hearse, shroud, sanitary fittings, funeral home or chapel, signature book table, death processing, funeral escort vehicle from the funeral home to the cemetery, remembrance cards, wreath of flowers, flower center, death certificate, religious service, cemetery law, municipal taxes, rental of lot (temporarily marked by city council, minimum of 2 years), dressing the deceased, personnel, sanitary disinfection, and gravedigger.

Yes, it also covers the following:

  • National transfer
  • International transfer of remains for less than 90 days of travel abroad, with a maximum of € 900 without this cost having an impact on the insured’s capital
  • 3 hours of psychological assistance for family members, when the death is due to accidental causes
  • Up to 2 psychological consultations of up to 1 hour, duringvthe  life of the policy at any time for the insured
  • Telephone legal assistance
  • Judicial advice

Yes, it increases by 1.8% a year, so that within 10 years, the hedge capital is updated to reflect the rise in the cost of living.

It depends on the age of the insured and the postal code where the funeral takes place..

The policyholder is entitled to recover their premium, at any time during the length of the policy. This will be taxed as a capital gain without deduction for the borrower.

For claims you can call 902-292-911 and for international repatriation you can call +34 912-174-532

You will need the ID of the deceased and the death certificate.

 The surplus will be given to the beneficiaries, upon request. 

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