Adeslas Prima Nivelada

Recommended for ages 40-70

Adeslas Prima Nivelada features

Ages 0-70

Over 70 year olds are not allowed to contract this policy, unless they come from Adeslas Prima Natural


Does not require a medical questionnaire but you must be in good health at time of sign-up.

Last will testament

Includes the writing of an open notary's will, as well as, advice on a living will.

Steady premiums

International transfer

Covers the transfer or repatriation of the deceased from abroad to Spain 

National transfer

Covers the transfer of the deceased  within Spain 

Adeslas Prima Nivelada covers

Additional coverage

Steady premium rises

 After 70 years, the rise is still consistent, and the rise in the cost of funeral services can be frozen.

Avoid stress at a difficult time

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Exclusive Agent Segurcaixa Adeslas

Madrid, Madrid, Spain


+34 644 77 28 21

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