Adeslas Prima Nivelada

Recommended for ages 40-70

  • Premiums do not rise disproportionately when reaching ages 80-85 
  • Annual increases only due to a rise in the cost of living
  • Ages 0-70 are allowed in this policy
  • It is an attractive policy for ages 60-69 years who come from Prima Natural which will have more exponential increases  

Adeslas Prima Nivelada features

Ages 0-70

Over 70 year olds are not allowed to contract this policy, unless they come from Adeslas Prima Natural


Does not require a medical questionnaire but you must be in good health at time of sign-up. 

Last will testament

Includes the writing of an open notary’s will, as well as, advice on a living will.

Steady premiums

  • The company will adjust the premium year after year depending on the increments made by the funeral providers
  • The policyholder may waive the proposed annual increase, leaving their policy «blocked» with the capital amount contracted at that time becoming their own insurer
  • The premium will continue to increase according to the rate

International transfer

Covers the transfer or repatriation of the deceased from abroad to Spain 

National transfer

Covers the transfer of the deceased  within Spain 

Adeslas Prima Nivelada covers

  • Funeral service: funeral caskets and urns
  • Sanitary and cosmetic conditioning of the deceased
  • Funeral car and accompanying vehicle from the funeral home to the cemetery
  • Temporary lot according to locality
  • Religious service
  • Cremation or burial
  • Wreaths
  • Will
  • National and international transfer
  • Psychological and legal assistance

Additional coverage

  • Optional Plus Service: Additional capital of 1000 euros for other expenses such as: musical service, obituary, parking, tombstone, catering, etc
  • Pack studies: Monthly rent for the youngest ones due to accidental death
  • DNA pack: extraction, conservation and availability of DNA from the deceased for clinical or forensic genetics purposes for 10 years
  • Digital pack: cancellation of online information that may appear related to the deceased in accounts of which they own or services contracted by them

Steady premium rises

 After 70 years, the rise is still consistent, and the rise in the cost of funeral services can be frozen.

Avoid stress at a difficult time

  • Handles all the managing at the time of death so the family doesn’t have to
  • Prevents economic consequences brought on by funeral expenses

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