Adeslas Expats

Full medical insurance with:

  • No copayment for any use of health insurance.
  • No waiting period: similar to the Spanish public health system, required by Spanish consulates for Visa Applications
  • Repatriation Included: In case of a calamity you have repatriation insurance included.

One annual payment!!

Covers the expenses of hospitalization from the first day until discharge
Includes repatriation insurance to the country of origin For ages 0-70 and subject to a medical questionnaire Spouses and children can be included For people who want to become residents in Spain
The contract is nonbreakable for 12 months.

  1. Consultations and hospitalizations.
  2. Special diagnostic techniques: clinical, radiology,ergometry,etc.
  3. Specialtreatments: Oncology, Rehabilitation,Psychotherapy.

Adeslas Plena Plus

Use this insurance as much as you need without worrying about copayments. Full coverage with specialists, tests, treatments, emergencies and hospitalization.

Monthly payment!!!

Adeslas Plena Plus is a full coverage insurance, this means that in addition to specialists and tests, you also have access to emergency, hospitalization and surgery.
You will not find another company with a greater coverage. Adeslas covers from the IUD (Device and implantation of it), maternal fetal DNA blood test, and reimbursement of half the bill in physiotherapy of physios and rehabilitation that are not affiliated with Adeslas.

  1. Specialists
  2. Special diagnostic techniques: clinical, radiology,ergometry,etc.
  3. Specialtreatments: Oncology, Rehabilitation, Psychotherapy
  4. Hospitalization


  • Spanish Bank Account
  • Passport
  • Reside in Spain
  • Medical questionnaire required
  • 1-year minimum contract

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