Adeslas Prima Natural

Burial insurance more suitable for young families because of its super-reduced premium and maximum capital

Adeslas Prima Natural premiums rise naturally as the policy holder's age increases, starting at less than € 4 a month for ages 1 - 40 and increasing each year after.

Adeslas Prima Natural characteristics

Ages 0-70

Adeslas Prima Natural can be contracted by people aged 0-70, or even up to 75 years as long as the average of the 4 or more insured does not exceed 60 years.


Does not require a medical questionnaire but you must be in good health at time of sign-up.

Accidental death

Covers accidental deaths up to € 6000 if the policy holder is under 60 years of age.

Cremation at no extra cost

If the family wishes to cremate, rather than a traditional burial, there won’t be any extra charges.

International transportation

Includes transportation to Spain for trips abroad of up to 60 days.

National transportation

Covers transportation of the deceased within Spain to the place of residence indicated in the contract.

Adeslas Prima Natural covers


  • Funeral car, sanitary and funeral treatment
  • A wreath
  • Center piece flower arrangement or 2 crowns
  • Remembrance cards
  • 2 escort cars in the town of residence
  • Religious services
  • Processing and agency fees administered, owned lot burial rights or temporary lot rental
  • Cremation included 

Also covered with Prima Natural


  • Accidental deaths with € 6000 of capital for the beneficiary’s family
  • Transfer or repatriation of the deceased to Spain (In trips less than 60 days)
  •  Repatriation due to accident or illness abroad for less than 60 days
  • Emergency medical expenses as a result of illness or serious accidents abroad (up to € 3000)
  • Legal guidance and management to obtain certificates of last wills, death, birth, marriage etc

Why choose Adeslas Prima Natural

Economical burial insurance

  • One of the least expensive insurance policies for ages 50-60.
  • A family made up of a 42 year old man plus a 37 year old woman and a 2 year old child would only pay € 5.20 a month

Great deals that add up

  •  10% discount for 3 or more in one policy
  • 10% discount for signing-up with us
  • 6% discount for choosing the annual premium

What's the price of having everything planned?

 Now for very little you can be assured that in any unexpected situation your family will not have to worry about burial expenses.

Adeslas Prima Natural deals

  • 10% discount for policies with 3 or more insured
  • For premiums between € 1 and € 200, receive a € 25 Mediamarkt gift card if the insured does not have health or dental and € 50 if they do
  • For premiums that exceed € 200 of insurance, receive a € 50 Mediamarkt gift card if the insured does not have health or dental and € 100 if they do


It guarantees a funeral service when the policy holder has passed away, and guarantees the coverage of the entire process  (management of death certificates, widowhood, etc). 

Also, this insurance has an additional monetary compensation in case of accidental death before the age of 70.

Yes, residents with a N.I.E. can sign-up, but foreigners with a foreign passport can’t.

No, this insurance does not cover repatriation to your home country.

Yes, for trips abroad of up to 60 days.

  •  You can choose to include extraction, quantification and purification of postmortem DNA with a maintenance for 10 years
  • You can choose to include scholarship packs for children’s benefits with a one time payment of € 6,000 for children under 18
  • € 6000 insurance is included for accidental death of the policy holder
  • Second medical opinions, psychological and nutritional telephone counseling is also included
  • Firs face-to-face consultation is free

Accidental death is included for the policyholder, who is the head of the family. The family with a  € 6000 aid.

Adeslas does not have its own funeral home. If your town has a funeral home, the service will be performed there. Otherwise, the service will be performed in the nearest town with a funeral home. Transportation of the deceased is included.

In towns where more than one funeral home exists, the customer is free to choose.

However, the company only guarantees 100% of the service described in the policy if the selected provider is the one proposed by the company. If a provider has several funeral homes in the same location (e.g. Barcelona), the service provided in one or another funeral home will depend on the availability.

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