Adeslas Plena Plus

  • Use this insurance as much as you need without worrying about co-payments
  • Flat rate starting from € 55 a month ages 0-44 
  • Full coverage with specialists, tests, treatments, emergencies and hospitalization

Adeslas Plena Plus prices

                  no co-payments

ages 0-44

€ 55 a month

ages 45-54

€ 65 a month

ages 55-59

€ 95 a month

ages 60-64

€ 115 a month

ages 65 and over

€ 170 a month

What does Adeslas Plena Plus cover?

Adeslas Plena Plus is a full coverage insurance, this means that in addition to specialists and tests, you also have access to emergency, hospitalization and surgery. You will not find another company with a greater coverage. Adeslas covers from the IUD (Device and implantation of it), maternal fetal DNA blood test, and reimbursement of half the bill in physiotherapy of physios and rehabilitation that are not affiliated with Adeslas.


  • Oncology
  • Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Traumatology
  • Dermatology……..                                                     

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Diagnostic and high diagnostic tests

    • Analytics
    • X-rays
    • Ultrasounds
    • Endoscopes
    • Colonoscopies
    • Genetic tests 
    • Magnetic resonance……….


  • Surgical interventions
  • Internal prostheses 
  • Child Birth
  • Emergencies……


    • Teeth cleaning 
    • Up to 20 psychotherapy sessions a year
    • Up to 12 podiatry sessions a yea
    • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
    • Chemotherapy
    • Dialysis……….


What is the age requirement of Adeslas Plena Plus?

 You can sign-up from 0-70 years of age. The only case in which a person over 70         

 can be insured is by including him in a family policy where there are at least 3 other    

 insured individuals under the age of 60.

What do I need to sign-up for Adeslas Plena Plus?

This insurance is subject to a medical review, so you must be in good shape to  

  access it.

Are there co-payments or additional expenses if the insured is hospitalized in Adeslas Plena Plus?

No additional costs are charged even if the insured is hospitalized.

 Does Adeslas Plena Plus have a limit in hospitalization?

There is no limit in hospitalization, unless it is a psychiatric hospitalization, in which  

 case the limit is 50 days a year.

 Can a child be insured in Adeslas Plena Plus without an adult?

A minor can be insured in any type of full or basic Adeslas policies.

 Is there a discount for annual payment in Adeslas Plena Plus?

There is a discount of 6% for paying annual policies, however some offers for new insured may not be compatible with the annual payment, and it is recommended to value for second and consecutive years

 Can a new insured be included in a Plena Plus existing policy?

A new insured can be included at any time during the life of the policy.

 If I can not pay Plena Plus’s policy, can I cancel it at any time?

No, Plena Plus policies are valid for 12 months from the time they are contracted, You could move from Plena Plus to Basic, reducing the payment. 

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