Adeslas Freelance Health Insurance


Health Insurance without co-payments

  • Starting at € 47 a month
  • Ages 0-44

Adeslas Freelance covers

  • General medicine: Pediatrics, ATS, general practitioner
  • Resonances, endoscopes, analysis, ultrasound, x-rays
  • Hospitalization in a single room with a companion bed, child birth and everything related to it
  • Treatments: Teeth cleaning, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation, psychotherapy, podiatry, chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.
  • Preventive medicine: Prevention of myocardial infractions, prevention of cancer of the uterus and breast, prevention of prostate cancer
  • New reimbursement coverage of half of the bill in physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation: New reimbursement coverage of half of the bill up to € 500 a year of physiotherapy and rehabilitation outside the medical chart
  • New reimbursement coverage of half of the bill up to € 200 a year in podiatry outside of the medical chart
  • Travel assistance abroad: Up to € 12,000 in medical expenses abroad for trips of up to 3 months anywhere in the world
  • Pregnancy control and tests for Down syndrome control: maternal-fetal blood DNA test for chromosome disorders, after high triple risk screening rates.

Adeslas Freelance rates 2019

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